Our extensive industry experience and systems knowledge will ensure your information management objectives are realized. We achieve this by focusing on 3 key areas:

Requirements Analysis – We ensure your engineering Information requirements are captured and documented.


Technical Content for Contracts – We ensure related documents have sufficient technical content to quantify your information requirements in a manner that is understandable by your suppliers and measurable during assessment of key project milestones.


Bid Review – We review submissions to check for compliance with stated objectives and, if necessary, design data conversion strategies for suppliers unable to deliver in accordance with your information guidelines


Governance Templates – We design a governance model to reflect the intended purpose and utilisation of your systems.


Architecture Strategies – We design a solution that maximises use of intelligent engineering tools to ensure your information is consistent, ready for use and timely.


Workflow Templates – We design workflows to optimise the mastering and movement of engineering information within your capital project or operations environment.

Project Start up Support – We conduct Workshops with your suppliers to ensure they understand your requirements and are well placed to deliver.


Supplier Information - We liaise with your suppliers to ensure information is prepared and delivered in accordance with your requirements.


Automation - We identify opportunities to automate or accelerate your engineering processes, saving time and money


Handover Pre Testing – We  monitor any conversion processes and conduct handover pre-testing to ensure that all of your suppliers are prepared to handover your information.


Handover Support – We monitor handover to ensure all agreed content is delivered in accordance with your requirements and within the agreed timeframe.




Technicality Global will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your Information management requirements.



Information Management


Milestone Validation Checks – We design and conduct validation campaigns at key milestone points to establish whether milestone criteria have been satisfied.


Deliverable Checks – We design and conduct deliverable checks to ensure format and content is correct and complete.


Action Management – We ensure QA/QC issues are agreed, documented and resolved in a timely manner and that root causes are identified and eliminated.




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